VGT for our Guests

Our simple and intuitive search system allow you to look for videogames contained in our database (constantly updated), with particular attention to multiplayer filters.

You will always be updated thanks to the RSS feeds of the affiliated websites. Moreover, you will find articles on specific games or franchises on some specific game pages.

The games of the hour
Check out trending and popular games using dedicated web pages.

See all the details of the videogames
There is a dedicated web page containing detailed information for each videogame, such as developer, publisher, multiplayer details and release date.

Next features

Below you can find some of the main features that we are developing for you!

VGT for our Users

Create your profile
Show off your personal profile with the lists of owned, played and finished videogames! Share your profile with friends, compare games you have in common and discover again forgotten games.

Designed specifically for streamer
Are you an occasional or professional streamer? Post your videos or streams directly on your profile page, using Twitch and Youtube platforms!

Share your contacts in one go
You will be able to share the Accounts of various services, like Steam, BattleNet, PSN, Xbox Live and more! In addition, you can decide whether to make them public or available only to your friends.

Keep up in the gaming world
Decide which sources to follow, choosing between the RSS feeds of the affiliated websites. In this way, you will be updated about the world of videogames.

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