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Name: Darksiders

romaji: Darksiders: Shinpan no Toki

Generic Info :
available on

Available On: 360, PC


Platform: PlayStation 3


Genres: Open World, Action Adventure


Franchise: Darksiders


Developer: Vigil Games

single player

Single Player: Yes




Game mode :
Relase date :
EUR release date

EUR Release Date: Jan 8, 2010

USA release date

USA Release Date: Jan 5, 2010

JAP release date

JAP Release Date: Mar 18, 2010

KOR release date

KOR Release Date: Jan 6, 2010

CHI release date

CHI Release Date: Jan 5, 2010

AUS release date

AUS Release Date: Jan 7, 2010


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Darksiders has been developed by Vigil Games. This page is about the platform PlayStation 3, but the game is available also for: Xbox 360, PC. The game belongs to the following genres: Open World, Action Adventure. A single player mode is available.

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