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Dynasty Warriors 2 - Standard
Dynasty Warriors 2 - Standard
Dynasty Warriors 2 - Standard
Dynasty Warriors 2 - PlayStation 2 the Best
Dynasty Warriors 2 - Koei Teiban Series
Dynasty Warriors 2 - Digital
Dynasty Warriors 2

Name: Dynasty Warriors 2

romaji: Shin Sangoku Musou

ideograms: 真・三國無双

Info :

Platform: PlayStation 2


Franchise: Dynasty Warriors


Developer: From Software

single player

Single Player: Yes




Game modes :

Multiplayer: this game doesn't have a multiplayer mode.

Release date :
EUR release date

EUR Release Date: Nov 24, 2000

USA release date

USA Release Date: Oct 25, 2000

JAP release date

JAP Release Date: Aug 3, 2000


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Dynasty Warriors 2

Dynasty Warriors 2 is developed by From Software and is part of the: Dynasty Warriors franchise. This game is a PlayStation 2 exclusive. This game belongs to the Beat 'em up 3D genre.

There is a single-player mode.

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