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Name: A little bit of... Dr. Mario

romaji: Chotto Dr. Mario

Info :

Platform: Nintendo DS


Genres: Puzzle


Franchise: Dr. Mario, Mario


Developer: Arika

single player

Single Player: Yes




Game modes :

Multiplayer: this game doesn't have a multiplayer mode.

Release date :
EUR release date

EUR Release Date: May 8, 2009

USA release date

USA Release Date: Apr 20, 2009

JAP release date

JAP Release Date: Dec 24, 2008


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Game information uploaded by: Sakumo

A little bit of... Dr. Mario

A little bit of... Dr. Mario is developed by Arika and is part of the: Dr. Mario, Mario franchises. This game is a Nintendo DS exclusive. This game belongs to the Puzzle genre.

There is a single-player mode.

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