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About Us

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VideoGameTrack is the new platform for gamers and collectors, with the aim of providing users with a platform in which to manage their own games collection and future games they intend to play and/or to buy.
You can check your lists and share them with your friends, discovering new games every day and remembering together the old glories of your childhood, thanks to our exclusive profile.

Having a personal profile is satisfying, but you can also be informed about the gaming scene thanks to RSS feeds directly from the homepage or from your profile. It is also possible to change the reference country and consequently the origin of articles.
Are you a streamer or youtuber? We give you the opportunity to add a custom video player within your profile in order to complete your gaming profile.

VideoGameTrack is therefore a videogame hub where you can concentrate your gaming experiences and express them through the profile, the real heart of our website, but we will not stop!
We will soon add statues to the database (amiibo, Skylanders, Funko Pop! and more), so that you will be able to collect and manage them in the same way as the videogames.
Moreover, we are already working on sections dedicated to eSports, events, and tools to organize tournaments.

We are just getting started, as they say!